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Virtual Identity 0.4.1 is released

It took longer than I expected, but I think it was worth to include a lot of feature-requests and get rid of some bugs. Many thanks to you all who gave[…]

feed the MAC – software report

Than I had to install some additional software to enjoy the Mac, we’ll see if I keep them for my mother. First, there is Adium, an Instant Messenger which is able[…]

HP Deskjet 995c mac mac mac

Nearly as fast as I got the MacBook, I received the printer I bought at eBay. Just told you, I bought an HP Deskjet 995c, cause this one has bluetooth included[…]

Virtual Identity extension 0.4.1pre4 released

A small bug in pre3 caused disabled the whole extension if in the preferences for the place where sended messages should be saved the settings of the default Identity were selected.[…]

first installations – first MACken

network configuration: it wasn’t as easy as I thought to connect the computer to the network. There is an assistent, but as intelligent as assistents are this one didn’t got the[…]

first impressions – no privacy with MacOS

First overall impression was good, the MacBook came in a huge box but after unwrapping all the air-shock-absorbers it ended as a real nice computer. „Designed by Apple in California“, and[…]

MacBook – Welcome to the world of tomorrow?

Future is now, so it was time to help my mother to enjoy the net as I do. And first I thought I’ll suggest her using a Linux, maybe Ubuntu system,[…]

0.4.1pre3 … „Release early. Release often. …

… And listen to your customers.“ So Keith had a good point in telling me that version 0.4.1pre2 destroys the HeaderView. Yes, I managed to read all headers without any other[…]

Virtual Identity 0.4.1pre2 released

Few days ago I released the preview of Virtual Identity and thought of finishing the programming on it for a while. But usually if you think thats it you’ll enter the[…]

Welcome to Rostock

My friend Hugo arrived in Rostock two days ago, so we had a nice time here enjoying the sunny spring-day. To share the impressions with you, here are some pictures.