network configuration: it wasn’t as easy as I thought to connect the computer to the network. There is an assistent, but as intelligent as assistents are this one didn’t got the idea that I might like to get my internet (by now) out of an ad-hoc WLAN network. The airport was not able to find the network, nor was it able to connect to it if I entered the SSID of our network in the network settings. At some point I found the icon at the upper status-bar, clicked on it and saw not only wireless networks, but also computer-to-computer networks. And there it was, as easy as expected.

drivecleaner_install.pngdrivecleaner.pngconfiguring accuweather: you need it or not, but if you activate the MacOS Dashboard there is a weather monitor. So I decided to configure it, and (as expected) it’ll download the weather data from the internet. So it opened the safari-browser without interaction and than it gave me a warning: „Your PC stores all information about the sex-sites you have visited“ And the solution was near, I should install drivecleaner, which removes all these data. Should I stay or should I go? (installation suggested!) Gladly I decided to abort the process but a while later, I liked to go back in the browser cache and the download startet, but – programmers of this trojan didn’t thought of other operating systems than Windows, so can’t use this great software.

apple remote desktop – vnc: great to have a system using standards. So activated sharing of the desktop (password authentication) and ssh and I was able to connect to the MacBook via vncviewer. Actually only tightvnc worked the way it should, got the tip from a macusenet post.

connecting a external display: the problem is that it’s once again really easy to configure over the mac OSX system panel, but closing the MacBook sended the laptop to sleep. Restarting it on clicking with the mouse worked fine, the image was now on my LCD-display with a bigger resolution. But only for some seconds, than the MacBook went to sleep again. Took a while to figure this out, but after having the right search-term which is „clamshell“ I found a nice page describing whats going on. And the mac is so intelligent, that this procedure only works if the MacBook is connected to power, than it stays on. Perfect.

additional software installed: Firefox Webbrowser (just dont like safari till now) and NeoOffice, an OpenOffice – Version for Mac OSX. And remove the MS Office trial version, yes!