Sonntag, April 22nd, 2007

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feed the MAC – software report

Posted by on 22 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: ... ? ..., macbook

adium.pngThan I had to install some additional software to enjoy the Mac, we’ll see if I keep them for my mother.

First, there is Adium, an Instant Messenger which is able to handle ICQ, Jabber and doesn’t bug you with .Mac (like iChat does). Nice one, but till now I don’t have found how to keep the program at the dock after starting – it always shows you the contact window. Continue Reading »

HP Deskjet 995c mac mac mac

Posted by on 22 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: ... ? ..., macbook

Nearly as fast as I got the MacBook, I received the printer I bought at eBay. Just told you, I bought an HP Deskjet 995c, cause this one has bluetooth included and I liked to make the system as flexible as possible. First impression, it’s an heavy printer – the weight of around 6,5kg remembered me on some russian technology… Continue Reading »

Virtual Identity extension 0.4.1pre4 released

Posted by on 22 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: ... ? ..., Hacking, virtual id

A small bug in pre3 caused disabled the whole extension if in the preferences for the place where sended messages should be saved the settings of the default Identity were selected. Thanks to Guy for reporting and helping tracing the bug. New pre-release 0.4.1pre4 fixes this issue.