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strange maps

strange town, strange maps… Last Friday I went to a nice party in Berlin, and this party was in the „Rigaer Strasse“, where a lot of former squatted houses are located.[…]

„Spontan reisen und dabei auch noch sparen“

nun wohn ich schon ne weile in Rostock, aber ich wollte doch mal schauen, wie ich morgen (am besten mit der Fähre?) vom Kabutzenhof (eine Seite der Warnow) nach Gehlsdorf (andere[…]

Virtual Identity 0.4.0 finally released

after the new – page is online, the now nearly one month-old version of Virtual Identity is released. Automated update should install the new extension on a lot of machines,[…]

Datenhandbuch datenfrei / Data Compendium data-free

Per email bin ich durch den ehemaligen Projektleiter Prof. Dr. Peter Drewek aufgefordert worden, die Veröffentlichung der Projektdaten schnellstmöglich zu unterbinden. Dies ist nun geschehen, das Datenhandbuch zeigt sich nun in[…]

Digital Data Compendium Regional School Development Berlin-Brandenburg 1920/45-1995 (v1.0)

Now it’s done, after 5 years of waiting I decided to publish the research results of a research-group, which I was part of between 1998 and 2000 at the Free University[…]

Digitales Datenhandbuch Regionale Schulentwicklung Berlin-Brandenburg 1920/45-1995 (v1.0)

Es ist soweit, nach 5 Jahren Warteschleife habe ich mich entschlossen, die mir vorliegenden Forschungsergebnisse der Forschergruppe, in der ich zwischen 1998 und 2000 an der Freien Universität Berlin beschäftigt war,[…]

data compendium released

what a long story 😉 but to make it short, I finally released the data compendium about school history on my own. Seven years after the project is finished, five years[…]

grey or pink?

So, spring is here, and you might have realized that outside this virtual world the colors are coming back. This is reason enough to switch back this blog to it’s former[…]

spring is coming – a trip to the Darß

What a beautiful spring… first warm days in Germany and I used the chance with some friends for a short trip to a nature reserve at an peninsula nearby called Darß.[…]

welcome to the real google maps world

So much about google earth/maps, so much about reality. Wasn’t enough to hear about the possibility to identify people or camels or whatever, but this is what makes it really the[…]