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strange maps

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cimg0225_part.JPGstrange town, strange maps… Last Friday I went to a nice party in Berlin, and this party was in the „Rigaer Strasse“, where a lot of former squatted houses are located. Since years they all have contracts, but the gentrification process initiated years ago by renovating all the houses in the area gives the locals a lot of pressure. Rents for flats are continuously rising, and poorer people have to move out of the area to other, to cheaper places.

Thats why people announced an action weekend to protest against gentrification. After a demonstration in the afternoon a lot of parties went on in this area and people used the spring evening to sit on the streets . The nights are still cold, at some point some of them started to make a fire. Maybe in the middle of the street, maybe not, I have no idea. But actually this was the time when the police joined the event. In the location I was I just heard the bartender saying ‚all out, police is coming‘ and outside police in riot-gear came running trough the streets trying to catch anybody who might be claimed for whatever responsible later.

They didn’t arrested me, that’s something. But Germany and and especially Berlin showed me his ugly police-face once again. Oh, the map. Yes, it shows you under the title ‚burning barricades‘ symbolically the problems I have with this town.

„Spontan reisen und dabei auch noch sparen“

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nun wohn ich schon ne weile in Rostock, aber ich wollte doch mal schauen, wie ich morgen (am besten mit der Fähre?) vom Kabutzenhof (eine Seite der Warnow) nach Gehlsdorf (andere Seite der Warnow) komme. Also fix bei der Bahn geschaut, Fahrradmitnahme ausgewählt und folgendes unschlagbares Angebot bekommen:


Genau, ich könnt ja zu Fuß gehen. Anderthalb Stunden. Dummerweise wollte ich 10.30 ankommen und leider kann ich nur so mit dem Service der Bahn zu Fuß gehen, dass ich erst 10.40 da bin. Aber vielleicht trick’s ich die Bahn aus – Fahrradmitnahme ist schliesslich möglich – und steig auf mein Fahrrad und bin einfach 10Minuten schneller? Oder ich schau einfach mal nach Angeboten von der Konkurrenz?

just looked at the online-portal of the german train service how to go with a ferry from one side of the river Warnow to the other (they usually have this information). Cause I liked to carry my bike, I checked the appropriate button and searched. Result: under the title „Traveling spontaneous and saving money“ they offered me to walk there. It’s only a one and a half our walk. But the worse thing is, I have to be there at 10.30 (so thats what I searched for), but there seems to be only a scheduled walk which arrives there at 10.40, so I can’t even take this one. And I’m not sure if it’s allowed to use my bike to be a little faster… So, I’ll keep you informed if there are any offers from concurrent companies.

Virtual Identity 0.4.0 finally released

Posted by on 26 Mrz 2007 | Tagged as: Hacking, virtual id

after the new https://addons.mozilla.org – page is online, the now nearly one month-old version of Virtual Identity is released. Automated update should install the new extension on a lot of machines, so hope it works the way it should.

Datenhandbuch datenfrei / Data Compendium data-free

Posted by on 23 Mrz 2007 | Tagged as: DHB

Per email bin ich durch den ehemaligen Projektleiter Prof. Dr. Peter Drewek aufgefordert worden, die Veröffentlichung der Projektdaten schnellstmöglich zu unterbinden. Dies ist nun geschehen, das Datenhandbuch zeigt sich nun in seiner ganzen eindrucksvollen Größe, allerdings vorerst ohne jegliche Daten.

The former project manager Professor Dr. Peter Drewek requested by email to end the publication of the project data as soon as possible. This happened by now, the data compendium is now accessible in its whole impressive size, however at the moment without any data.

Digital Data Compendium Regional School Development Berlin-Brandenburg 1920/45-1995 (v1.0)

Posted by on 21 Mrz 2007 | Tagged as: ... ? ..., DHB

Now it’s done, after 5 years of waiting I decided to publish the research results of a research-group, which I was part of between 1998 and 2000 at the Free University of Berlin, in the Internet. Originally it was planned to provide a printed publication, however it did not come so far till now. And it does not look like this publication will be realized at all.

During the research process everybody mentioned the importance of these research data to the scientific community, but for 5 years these results are rested on a lonely harddrive. Today this has an end, I published the “Digital Data Compendium Regional School Development Berlin Brandenburg 1920/45 1995” hereby in version 1.0. The data compendium is completely in German, but if you are familiar with the German school history you might use this compendium as well. If you are using the compendium, please consider the license notes, if you are not able to translate those please get in contact with me.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to contact me.

Digitales Datenhandbuch Regionale Schulentwicklung Berlin-Brandenburg 1920/45-1995 (v1.0)

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Es ist soweit, nach 5 Jahren Warteschleife habe ich mich entschlossen, die mir vorliegenden Forschungsergebnisse der Forschergruppe, in der ich zwischen 1998 und 2000 an der Freien Universität Berlin beschäftigt war, im Internet zu veröffentlichen. Ursprünglich war geplant, eine Buchveröffentlichung zu erstellen, allerdings ist es bisher nicht dazu gekommen. Und bedauerlicherweise sieht es auch nicht danach aus, wie wenn die Veröffentlichung überhaupt realisiert wird.

Während der Forschungszeit wurde immer wieder auf die immense Bedeutung dieser Forschungsdaten hingewiesen, seit Jahren liegen diese nun auf einer einsamen Festplatte. Dies hat heute ein Ende, das „Digitale Datenhandbuch Regionale Schulentwicklung Berlin-Brandenburg 1920/45-1995“ ist hiermit in Version 1.0 veröffentlicht. Bei der Benutzung des „Digitalen Datenhandbuchs“ bitte ich Sie, die Nutzungshinweise zu berücksichtigen.

data compendium released

Posted by on 18 Mrz 2007 | Tagged as: ... ? ...

what a long story 😉 but to make it short, I finally released the data compendium about school history on my own. Seven years after the project is finished, five years after the digital version and the print-version (except some 20pages from the project leader) were ready, I waited till it might had been published by the project leader, Prof. Peter Drewek. But this didn’t happen, and I lost the hope that it might be released to the scientific community years ago.

But I had the finished digital version of this data compendium on my hard drive and I was told so often that this data is unique worldwide, describing school history in such a detail for around 100 years. That’s why I decided to publish the whole thing on my own in the Internet. To finally finish this project and give the work of all people, who participated over six years in this project any sense. And not at least to publish the empirical references of my PhD-work, which is by now also 3 years old.

So, if you are interested in school history and not afraid of 2600 structured data sheets of empirical data, have a look at http://dhb.absorb.it (and just excuse, it’s all in German there.)

grey or pink?

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So, spring is here, and you might have realized that outside this virtual world the colors are coming back. This is reason enough to switch back this blog to it’s former grey state. Get out of your house if you lik to see more colors!

spring is coming – a trip to the Darß

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What a beautiful spring… first warm days in Germany and I used the chance with some friends for a short trip to a nature reserve at an peninsula nearby called Darß. Nice place, great that the weather is getting better now – this get’s me out hopefully of my home more often…

welcome to the real google maps world

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google_missile_part.pngSo much about google earth/maps, so much about reality. Wasn’t enough to hear about the possibility to identify people or camels or whatever, but this is what makes it really the image of the new century.

But since this image it is absolutely clear, that no terrorist at all who is able to use google maps (and you know how easy this is) will miss his missile. What about privacy, maybe the one who owns this missile wasn’t giving him the permission to look at any spectral prints (like images) of this object?

And who the hell likes to make this place as his default location…

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