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power to the women – not just for one day

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Today, you might have noticed this, is the International Womans Day. 150 years ago, on the 8th of march 1857, woman in New York organized a protest for their rights which was violently turned down. Maybe those historical backgrounds are not more than myths (see Kandel/Picq (fr) or Bader-Zaar (de)), but it’s time to look around and see what happened since than. A lot of things have changed, mostly by woman who fought for their rights them self. And there are enough things which had to be changed till we can speak of gender equality – just switch on your favorite news program, count people by their gender and you will see who still has the power to control this world.


This is the day to thank woman (for their patience?) and it has converted in my home-country to a day we give our woman some flowers. But are flowers a way to change the world? Sometimes. But isn’t it just conserving current gender inequalities if you give a woman some flowers in this day, telling her she should just wait another year for their rights?

So, real man, go out, buy yourself some flowers and think of how much you have to change to make this world a place to enjoy for all of us. And than, ok, give our woman some flowers too to tell them thank you for living with us another year.

real men wear pink!

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blume.pngThese days. So Tracey gave me the tip to add some pink to my blog, and some flowers too. And yes, to wear some pink, which is not as easy as it seems, but I choosed black instead, think this is ok too. Thats what real man do these days, and thats all what I like to be now, also when it hurts my eyes a little bit 😉
So just have a look at Tracey’s blog if you like to know what real woman are doing and wearing…

new Opennet test setup

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Yesterday was another hands-on day to get our wireless network working better. Since more than a year we can use a church in our neighborhood as a Routing-Point for our network. The first installation from last spring was well made but never as useful as expected. So it was time to remade the whole thing. This time we decided to first install a test setup and make the whole installation more flexible than the last time.

cimg0040.jpgWe installed a 11b/g router to cover the ground and a 11a (5GHz) router to possibly create a backbone soon. Cause we are currently got the permission to use a hospital in the south of our town to install some routers and a local radio station gives us some connectivity, this is hopefully step to a better internet-supply for the whole area. We will see if we get the whole thing better this time. It will also be our first experience with the 11a/5GHz standard, we expect a much better throughput cause of less noise in this band.

Virtual Identity extension 0.4.0pre2 released

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Looks like it’s nearly done. While translations are in progress at Babelzilla, I removed some small bugs in the last week and adapted the extension to work with the upcoming future Versions (Thunderbird 3a and Seamonkey 1.5a) too. So, I’ll wait some days for any response and than the whole thing will be published at addons.mozilla.org. You can download the new preview at virtual_identity-0.4.0pre2-mz+tb.xpi

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