Future is now, so it was time to help my mother to enjoy the net as I do. And first I thought I’ll suggest her using a Linux, maybe Ubuntu system, but as much as I personally like Ubuntu there are some problems using Linux (have you ever tried to go to a shop and ask if a specific hardware is working with Linux? than you know what I’m talking about)

cimg0035.jpgSo I suggested my mother to buy a mac, more precise the cheapest MacBook available (MacBook MA699D/A, 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2, 512 MB RAM, 60GB disc, 13,3“ screen). This way I thought I might have the chance to administrate the machine without going mad and my mother hopefully will get attracted by the fancy computer too. Ok, ordered one at www.cyberport.de (have to mention this, cause it arrived around 30hrs later, wow).

To make it really easy I thought of using the full potential of bluetooth: added a bluetooth mouse (Mighty Mouse MA272ZM/A) and a bluetooth keyboard (Apple Wireless Keyboard M9270D/A) and finally got from eBay a bluetooth printer (HP Deskjet 995C). The idea was to get my mother a notebook to attract her on using it for internet/entertainment in her living room, but give her the chance to add the machine to an existent LCD-Screen in a working room to have a full featured computer. So using bluetooth (and a wireless internet connection) there is only the monitor cable to attach to her mac to transfer the whole thing into a desktop solution … but we will see.