First overall impression was good, the MacBook came in a huge box but after unwrapping all the air-shock-absorbers it ended as a real nice computer. „Designed by Apple in California“, and surely produced in China, but anyway, all looks very solid and nice.

You instantly notice the small things: the Power adapter has to ways of getting plugged into the power-net: with a long cord or as a wall power supply, as you like it. Trying to put the power-cable into the MacBook it jumps at the right place and a small LED-light shows you that something is the way it should. Nice, fancy.

register.pngBut now the real test. Pressing the power button the first time it gives you some options to change language and so on, but then it’s tries to register. This combined „register and create user accounts“ is a real mess (the image beneath shows the same dialog, but later). No indicator what the registration is good for, only a nice long text which ensures that they won’t play around with your data and they need it to give you a better service. And no way to go further without entering a name, fullname, address and a telephone number. What’s this? And you can only go forward (implies entering the data) or back (which is not what you want). Aborting might be possible, but maybe you abort the whole initial configuration? Really bad…

update1.pngStill impressed by the nice system, I started to configure the new bluetooth mouse. There is a software on CD included, the description say first update your system and then install the driver. But system-update never works, it always tells me that there is a network error (timeout, error -1001 – check your connection and try again!). But the network is fine, browsing works nice and the network assistent also tells me that there are no problems. It really starts to remember me on my old redmond days, maybe I should have registered the machine? (turned out later that the wireless connection had for real a problem with the MTU, so i changed the router firmware and now its working fine)

cimg0034.jpgAnyway, continuing the driver installation (without a system update) the next surprise, the driver for the wireless mouse needs around 133MByte (!) of space. What kind of mouse I bought? I have no idea whats included on this installation CD, but at all it worked fine and the mouse works since than flawlessly. And, have to add, the bluetooth keyboard didn’t requiered any additional software to install, so you can count it down to 66MByte for each device 😉