After the release of the completely rewritten version of Virtual Identity I had a lot of feedback, some bug-reports and also some good suggestions how to make more out of the potential from the extension. Therefore I decided to change small parts of the extension in the last days, and now the new preview is ready. It still misses the translation, I’ll post it on to let it localized. Else it should be completely working, so please feel free to download the pre-release 0.4.1pre, test it and give some feedback.


  • new (SmartReply): Header-Filter must now contain ‚To‘ and ‚Cc‘ if they should be used. This gives you an easy option to sort the headers the way you like, or to ignore ‚To‘ and ‚Cc‘ also (thanks to Christian Höltje for the idea).
  • new (SmartReply): added Option to use a default name for any found email, if no name was found (thanks to Michael Schaap for the idea).
  • new (SmartReply): added Option to use only the email and ignore the name, just add ‚:@‘ to the header.
  • new: added Option to show debug-information. Makes it easier to know what Virtual Identity is doing and what might be left after filtering the retrieved email-header.
  • bugfix:0.4.0 crashed if you liked to open any saved email. Crash initiation found and removed, but Smart-Reply feature is still not working on saved emails (thanks to yetanotherid for the report).
  • bugfix: access-key for the ‚From:‘ field did not worked in 0.4.0 (thanks to kms for the report).
  • bugfix: switching between different (pre-stored) Identitys didn’t caused enigmail to load appropriate preferences (thanks to tylerl for the report).
  • bugfix: Interface of Thunderbird was broken if started with ‚thunderbird.exe -compose‘ or similar (thanks to Peter Monnerjahn for the report).
  • bugfix: selecting headers only worked if they were lowercase, now fixed.
  • bugfix: switching back from some ‚Virtual Identities‘ to a stored one sometimes ended in the attempt to use an non-existent account.