This is something. Just heard that Vancouver, yeah, this town in Canada, decided to create a city-wide wireless network. For public use, great. I think so, I’m not sure about who is destroying which spectrum range where in this case (just see the list of free networks there), and if this ‚free‘ is than free as in beer or whatever, but: There is a bigger problem.

vsun.pngDid you knew that anyone in Vancouver with a laptop and a wireless net can… [1]. Yes, you did? Damned. Crazy people over there. And high-skilled to. Or, as the image shows, there might also be a graphical interface for interfering with the train system – so its suitable for newbie terrorists, eeh, model railway fans too? Incredible. Dream of it, never waiting for train, just take one. And go wherever you like.

But as usually if something new is so great, there are always people which have to complain about it. For instance this Mark Fenton, who got a job there as a Detective in the Computer Crime Unit – Internet Investigations at the Vancouver Police Department and now is against web-interfaces for terrorists, or so. I don’t get it!