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next Opennet-Firmware 0.11-9pre10 pre-release

A lot of comments came in over the weekend, so I adapted some small things and released a new version. Current one is RC6-ON1rc3 or 0.11-9pre10c. Check this out 😉 opennet-firmware_0.11ipkg-9pre10c_mipsel.ipk[…]

Opennet-Firmware 0.11-9pre10 pre-release

So, a new version of the firmware used in our Wireless Community Network is just in front of us. After hacking nearly a whole week I adapted the current firmware to[…]

Virtual Identity v 0.3.5b

A new Thunderbird is on the horizon (v 0.2b1) and some emails reminding me of updating the Virtual Identity extension (see [1], [2]) for usage with the new release. As usual,[…]

back to the roots

Only after a few hours listening to music my some years old amplifier died unexpectedly last week. I decided that any rescue-attempt is not worth the effort and looked for an[…]

GXP 2000 XML phonebook from VCARD

Using my Grandstream GXP 2000 since a few days, I liked to get all my adresses from an electronical addressbook to it. I found the possibillity to upload a phonebook as[…]

So Tell The Girls That I Am Back In Town

Just arrived from Berlin, i was greeted with a song from Jay Jay Johanson, played few minutes ago on radio lohro – listen to this song at amazon Ive been on[…]