cimg0114_mod_small.jpgSo, a new version of the firmware used in our Wireless Community Network is just in front of us. After hacking nearly a whole week I adapted the current firmware to the newly released OpenWRT RC6 and made a lot of improvements regarding CPU-load and flashspace usage. And hopefully cleaned more bugs than I added, but nobody knows… 😉

Called the thing a pre-release, cause it just has to be tested for some days in our network. You can download and test the firmware at the following links, but be warned, its a very Opennet-specific solution by now and the web-interface is only in German. But both aspects will change soon, else there won’t be any way to continue with my project in India.

To install the opennet-firmware ads a package on an plain OpenWRT whiterussian RC5/RC6 you have to add the Opennet-Package-Repository to your ipkg.config.

Or you use the complete firmware below, at your own risk. The initial password is admin.

Have fun with it, I’m now ready for the real world again and it’s time to go on a party this evening. I think the MS Stubnitz is the right place to go, cause it’s hopefully still stormy like yesterday here. And the MS Stubnitz is back from Amsterdam since two days, so it’s time to go there.