After saying good bye to Germany and it’s fancy Christmas trees it was time to jump for some days into France, just to spend some time with my sweet girl and get some nice food too. First impressions included some headless people at the airport, eggs on the tomb of Simone and Jean-Paul and broken Windows on the ticket machines of the Société nationale chemins de fer France. (And, fasten you seat-belt before visiting French websites. They are either leftovers from the last century or flash-powered entertainment monsters)

France, what should I say, a nice country. The temperature was about 10 degrees over zero, which means fifteen degrees over Germanys temp, which is great. The baguettes had been fresh, the only problem in France are those foreign speaking people. They might be nice, at least it seems like it, but speak – as far as I can say – no recognizable language. I felt a little bit like those early day world explorers (like Odysseus) which arrive somewhere and try to see if the sound of the other people means something useful.

Between some visits to the International Success Institute and a somehow ok but not to recommend movie we went to the beach, had some Galette de Rois (damned, didn’t got the crown). Shocking to see, that even French newspapers reported the Knut follow up. Seemed like it was time to leave France.

Not without a great evening meal, for sure. Crepes, sweet. And the name „north pole“ combine with a Bretonian flag on the crepes remembered me on the craziness of current times. Northern countries fight about the right to claim the Arctic as their territory, a new cold war has started. And nobody realized, that the Arctic was mine till I remember. So get off my backyard with your fucking weapons!

So much about it, thanks to A. for the nice time. Back to India, which feels like back at home after a great holiday trip. Strange.