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pre-release of Virtual Identity 0.4.3

Once again some days passed by, but a lot of things happened, so can’t say I was completely lazy 😉 But it was time to come back to the Virtual Identity[…]

german freedom

yeah, thats Germany. The way I hate it. Since a fascist shop and meeting place nearby opened one week ago, the local people are protesting against this place. In different ways,[…]

G2 meeting in Heiligendamm

Two weeks after the G8 me and my mother had been for a short – and much cheaper – G2 meeting in Heiligendamm. Some impressions of the area are available if[…]

macht kaputt was macht kaputt macht

Die Zeit rennt, wie geschickt von einer hier nicht genauer benannten Leserin angemerkt wurde, und ich renn immer noch hinterher. Und das, obwohl seit den großen 8 Aktivitäten schon mehrere Tage[…]

G8 nearly over, some souvenirs available

check this out, maybe it’s something for you:…ViewItem… 😉 Offer was removed from ebay, seems that you are too late. Regards from the G8-town Rostock, soon I’ll be back on[…]