Montag, Juni 25th, 2007

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pre-release of Virtual Identity 0.4.3

Posted by on 25 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: ... ? ..., Hacking, virtual id

Once again some days passed by, but a lot of things happened, so can’t say I was completely lazy 😉 But it was time to come back to the Virtual Identity extension and repair some bugs and add some options to make all of us more happy these days. The result is the new version 0.4.3, which is by now available as a pre-release cause some testing and translation-work has to be done before the ‚real‘ release.

Whats new?

  • added a new option to dynamically switch on/off an email signature if using a virtual identity. To use this option you have to install the Switch Signature Extension. Thanks to Alex for the idea and thanks to Achim Seufert for the nice extension which I could use for this feature.
  • added a feature called ‚Smart Timestamp‘ which simply changes the address of any new email you are going to compose by adding a epoch-timestamp in the name. This way you can use a unique address for any message you send and check where your mail-addresses go. Thanks to JensMartin for the idea.
  • added an option to warn you if the mail should be sended with any stored (unchanged) identity. Valdaran had the idea to blank the From: field, which is not really an option, to many other things are relying on this. But maybe a warning will do nearly the same nice job? Thanks to Valdaran for the idea.
  • removed some old bugs, added some fresh ones 😉 Thanks to all who reported their problems.

The new version is now available for testing. Feel free to use it and report bugs and problems or help to translate the extension.

german freedom

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cimg0067.jpgyeah, thats Germany. The way I hate it. Since a fascist shop and meeting place nearby opened one week ago, the local people are protesting against this place. In different ways, as different as people are, but with the same attitude: to close down this shop (see [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]).

Yesterday there was a spontaneous demonstration, I ended in custody for just being there (oh yes, formally it’s legal to take part in a spontaneous demonstration, but who cares) (see [1] [2] [3] and don’t believe the media). And this night I was searched on my way home by some police guys and they described me an ‚exclusion zone‘ near my own home where I’m not allowed to go in. Great. Ever new what freedom in German meant.

cimg0083.jpgJa, das ist Deutschland. So wie ich es hasse. Seit ein Naziladen hier in der Nähe aufgemacht hat, protestieren die Anwohner gegen diesen Laden. Auf verschiedene Weise, genauso wie verschieden die Leute eben sind, aber alle mit dem selben Ziel: diesen Laden dicht zu machen (vgl. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]).

Gestern war ne spontane Demonstration gegen den Laden, ich endete in Gewahrsam nur weil ich dabei war (klar, ist legal ne Spontandemo, aber stört hier keinen) (vgl. [1] [2] [3] und glaub den Medien nicht). Und nun hab ich auf dem Weg nach Hause nen Platzverweis bekommen, darf mich nicht mal mehr in meinem Kiez bewegen wie ich will. Super. Wusste schon immer was Freiheit in Deutschland bedeutet.